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When you take a ride with Urban Pedal Tours you are sure to have a experience that you will cherish forever. It’s that same unforgettable experience that caused almost every original founder of Urban Pedal Tour locations to found their business.

Here at the Urban Pedal Tours our company goals revolve around helping the local community grow while providing a fun and sustainable way to explore the cities best locations. We strive to continue the local legacy and community feel that previous owners spent so much time cultivating to continue to make our cities the places to live. Pedal Bike Tours should be a compliment to any city and our goals are to deliver fun, safe and community oriented tours across North America.


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Velofestif Montreal Launches

In 2015, Gabriel and Frédéric Campeau , two young Montrealers co-founded Vélo Festif Montréal. Gabriel and Frédéric were looking to build a business that was meant to be a pretext for the party to bring together between 16 and 18 people on a mega-bike and have a most memorable time.
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Brew Crew Cycles Launches

Brew crew cycles is a family owned business that came to life after a vacation where we enjoyed a similar tour experience out on the west coast. The music, the bonding, and of course, the alcohol, were the perfect mix and when we recognized the opportunity to bring it to riverhead, we couldn’t resist.

We at brew crew cycles have a strong loyalty to the east end and our company goals revolve around helping the local community grow. We strive to continue to make the east end a fabulous place to live.
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Urban Pedal Tours Launches

Urban Pedal Tours was founded in 2017 by a husband and wife team, Matt and Carol. After returning from vacation and going on a pedal tour Matt and Carol decided to set up shop as the first Pedal Tour business in Alberta. Their hard work paid off that season as Urban Pedal Tours received Alto Award for "Best Toursim Experience in Alberta" after only two years in opperation.

Urban Pedal Tours Expands to Calgary

Urban Pedal Tours after only one season was ready to take on Calgary. Launching as the first pedal bike business in Calgary, Urban Pedal Tours continued to deliver unforgettable memories.

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Pedal Craft Manufacturing

Pedal Craft Manufacturing was founded my Matt Gosse of Urban Pedal Tours (Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta), and Stuart Lang of Smile Cycle Tours (Kelowna, BC), and Brew Bike Tours (Richmond, BC). As the pedal tour industry continues to grow worldwide, Matt and Stuart were among a select few operators to pioneer the party bike tour concept in Canada.

PedalCraft is pleased to offer the first Canadian designed and manufactured pedal bike. Built for safe and reliable tours everyday.

Urban Pedal Tours New Ownership

After several years of growing the busines Matt and Carol decided to move on from the pedal tour business. Urban Pedal Tours was sold to a new ownership group with big ambitions. Kyle Handfield, JoshuaGoselwitz, and Michael Mose purchased Urban Pedal Tours with the goal of continuing on the success of the business aiming to have the largest pedal tour business in Canada. Building a nation wide brand to ensure no one was missin gout on the fun!

Urban Pedal Tours Aquires Pedal Craft Manufacturing

Coming into 2022, several new cities announed their intention to lisence pedal tour businesses. Urban Pedal Tours looking at the growth on the horizon purchased Pedal Craft MFG to secure good quality, safe pedal bikes that will allow them to grow quickly over the next few yers.

Urban Pedal Tours Aquires Velofestif MTL

Urban Pedal Tours welcomes Velofestif MTL into the familly. With the aquisition of Velofestif, Urban Pedal Tours became a bilingual company with locations across both western and eastern Canda.


Urban Pedal Tours Brew Crew Cycles

Brew Crew Cycles becomes Urban Pedal Tours first location in the United States of America. With lots of room for growth in Long Island New York and surrounding areas, Urban Pedal Tours looks to set up their first season.

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Urban Pedal Tours Announced Pedal Craft Shop & New Bike Design

Incorporating all the experience of the group of companies. Urban Pedal Tours announces a new bike design which will offer more seating, more pedal seats, higher safety and standards, and will be manufactured in a custom shop specialized in Pedal Bike Manufacturing held to the higher quality control and manufacturing standards.

With this new bike design Urban Pedal Tours looks to raise the bar on safety and bike manufacturing standards. A necessary step in ensuring the future of the whole industry.


Urban Pedal Tours Launches in Vancouver

Urban Pedal Tours Brings Pedal Tours to the streets on Vancouver. Launching it's fifth location across the country.

Urban Pedal Tours Corporate Office:

10004 79 Ave NW #100, Edmonton, AB T6E 1R5